Turkana University College Tenders Prequalification Notice

Turkana University College -TUC- a constituent college of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology invites bids from competent suppliers for prequalification for the following goods works and services.



  1. TUC/001/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Beef, Mutton and Allied products -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  2. TUC/002/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of vegetables and fruits -Special group BID SECURITY: N/A
  3. TUC/003/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of dry cereals -Special group BID SECURITY: N/A
  4. TUC/004/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Dry Grocery -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  5. TUC/005/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of firewood and charcoal -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  6. TUC/006/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of chicken fish and allied products- Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  7. TUC/007/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of stationery -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  8. TUC/008/2018-2019 Provision of Maintenance and servicing of Motor vehicles -Open BID SECURITY: 50,000/=
  9. TUC/009/2018-2019 Provision of Air travel Services (IATA Registered) -Open BID SECURITY: 50,000/=
  10. TUC/010/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of tonners and cartridges. -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  11. TUC/011/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Human Drugs, Surgical Equipment, Materials and related products. -Open BID SECURITY: 100,000/=
  12. TUC/012/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Fuel and Lubricants. Open BID SECURITY: 50,000/=
  13. TUC/013/2018-2019 Supply, Delivery and Servicing of Teaching Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals, Glassware and Reagents -Open BID SECURITY: 100,000/=
  14. TUC/014/2018-2019 Provision of legal services -Open BID SECURITY: 20,000/=
  15. TUC/015/2018-2019 Provision of Accommodation and Catering services- Open BID SECURITY: 100,000/=


  1. TUC/016/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Sports Ware, Equipment and Related Materials.-Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  2. TUC/017/2018-2019 Supply Delivery and Servicing of Photocopiers and Accessories-Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  3. TUC/018/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of building materials. -Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  4. TUC/019/2018-2019 Supply Delivery and Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment. Open N/A
  5. TUC/020/2018-2019 Supply, Delivery and Servicing of Computers, Printers ,LCD Projector Machines ,Scanners and related products-Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  6. TUC/021/2018-2019 Supply Delivery and servicing of medical Equipment and Related Materials- Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  7. TUC/022/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Electrical Fittings and Materials -Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  8. TUC/023/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Hardware Materials -Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  9. TUC/024/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Cleaning Materials Soaps and Detergents-Special group BID SECURITY: N/A
  10. TUC/025/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Office and Student Furniture Open N/A


  1. TUC/026/2018-2019 Provision of creative designing and printing services -Special group BID SECURITY: N/A
  2. TUC/027/2018-2019 Provision of hire of vehicles and transport services- open BID SECURITY: N/A
  3. TUC/028/2018-2019 Provision of Promotional materials (T-shirts, caps and other branded materials) -Special group BID SECURITY: N/A
  4. TUC/029/2018-2019 Provision of Internal Designing services -open N/A
  5. TUC/030/2018-2019 Provision for cleaning services -open BID SECURITY: N/A
  6. TUC/031/2018-2019 Provision of fumigation & sanitary services -open BID SECURITY: N/A


  1. TUC/032/2018-2019 Contractors for General Building, repairs & maintenance -Open BID SECURITY: N/A
  2. TUC/033/2018-2019 Contractors for CCTV and other related Security systems -Open BID SECURITY: N/A

Detailed tender document may be obtained from procurement office in TUC during normal working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs 1000/= {Kenya shillings one thousand} only, payable at KCB Lodwar branch. A/C NO 1218868899 OR downloaded FREE of charge from the TUC website: www.tuc.ac.ke  or IFMIS suppliers’ portal.

The special group consists of Youths Women and People with Disability who are registered with National Treasury {Directorate of Procurement}.

Dully completed bid document in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with category number and category description bearing no other mark, name or indication of the applicant shall be sent to:



PO BOX 69-30500


Or dropped in the tender box outside the Principals office at TUC main campus in Lodwar and not any other place, box office or campus so as to reach the TURKANA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE not later than 10:00am on 16th November 2018. Opening of the bid document will be done immediately thereafter in the presence of applicants or their representatives who choose to attend.

The University College reserves the right to accept or reject any bid in whole or part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid.

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