Nyeri County Government Health Department Tenders

Nyeri County Government Health Department Tenders

Procuring Entity: Nyeri County Government

Tenders Available Summary:

  • Proposed Access Road at Othaya Sub County Hospital
  • Proposed Construction Of Outpatient Block at Mt. Kenya Sub County Hospital
  • Supply, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of Pre-Vacuum steam Heated Autoclave With One Manual Open Door
  • Provision Of Cleaning and Laundry Services

Closing Date: 5th April 2018

Nyeri County Government Health Department TendersNyeri County Government Health Department Tenders

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One thought on “Nyeri County Government Health Department Tenders

  1. Vision Goat Derby- The Nyeri County Governor Mix

    Happy Wednesday. Thanks be to God.

    Aside from this corruption hydra, let’s get back to basics- our governors’ performance. In any event discussing matters before a court of law is sub judice. Let the courts do their bit. Nyeri is my home county, the capital in the former political dispensation of Central Province. We have some of the best schools nationally. Some that have made a mark at the national arena once too often or even perpetually include: Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls’, Kanjuri High School, Kagumo High School, Nyeri Baptist, Nyeri High School and Catholic-run St Mary’s Boys High School. Kagumo High School for example, in 2016 KCSE, among its candidates, 50 had plain As, 104 (A-) 58 (B+) in a student population of 252 candidates (https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000193789/national-schools-in-central-stand-out-in-kcse). In the days of yore, until the rain started beating it, Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School was a perpetual high-end performer. We, have the distinction of having the first flying aircraft innovator, Maurice Tito Gachamba who in 1968 flew the plane for about 14km. Don’t ask me whether he finally made a bigger plane. You know the script only too well… our country does not support innovators!

    But this is as far as it goes as far as the Nyeri County brilliance goes. You would think the county governance is in tandem with the shear academic brilliance at the lower echelons. Hell no! Think Goat Derby… on Saturday 18 May 2018, my county hosted a goat derby on the 2nd day of Nyeri Tourism and Cultural Festival flagged off by none other than the governor, Mutahi Kahiga. This, the governor reasons, yes reasons will boost tourism in my county. Not even a Camel Derby! And the governor’s ranking for 2017/2018…45 out of 47 governors with 37.5% score (https://www.kenya-today.com/devolution/how-your-governor-performing-latest-ranking. Hardly surprising for someone whose pre-occupation is a goat derby don’t you think? I am afraid that calling this petty is giving the governor credit. At https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/news/nyeri-governors-goat-race/ an article through posing a question has been posted: Smart or dumb move; what’s your verdict on nyeri governor’s goat race?

    But should things continue this way for my dear county? Coming from an area with such academic pedigree, does such leadership reflect where we want to be? Should we continue with such ‘role models?’ Does this kind of leadership inspire our young learners? But we have been a bit unfortunate. We have had a unique combination of factors on issues governance. We are the only county in Kenya who has the 4th governor in office. Yes, we are on our 4th. Some have only been governed by one. Yes, one only for those governors that retained their seat in the 2017 elections. We are in fact the only county in our nation with the two top supremo not having been elected. I am surprised that he beat two governors on issues governance.

    Dear governor, you have set the bar so low that it would be surprising, actually virtually impossible not to have anyone beat your record. But then again, you can only do what you know as in, your exposure and those around you. That it, the goat derby, is even cultural? Oh yeah… Come off it, dear governor. Boys, yes boys probably 50 years ago did that. You have over exposed yourself dear governor (think Adam in the Garden of Eden). Your actions betray you. Still on the ballot for 2022 buddie? Wonders shall never cease! Bring it on baby! I happen to come from Tetu constituency that probably, I am almost certain, has had the dubious distinction of having the highest number of MPs in Kenya since independence.


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