Migori County Government Tenders & Supplier Registration 2018

Migori County Government Tenders & Supplier Registration 2018


County government of Migori invites Interested, Competent and Eligible bidders for under listed Categories for consideration in the pre-qualification for Financial Year 2018-2020


  1. MC/01/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Perishable and Non- Perishable Food Stuff. All
  2. MC/02/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of General Hardware, Building and Construction Materials. All
  3. MC/03/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Agricultural Farm Inputs and Animal Feeds. All
  4. MC/04/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of General Stationery and Computer Consumables. All
  5. MC/05/2017-20 Supply & Delivery of Electrical Items, Fittings and Accessories. All
  6. MC/06/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of PVC & GI Water Pipes and Fittings. All
  7. MC/07/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Sewer Network Maintenance Items and Equipment All
  8. MC/08/2018-20 Supply& Delivery of Motor Vehicles Spare parts, Tyres, Tubes, Batteries and Accessories. All
  9. MC/09/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Firefighting Equipment. All
  10. MC/10/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Pharmaceuticals and Non-Pharmaceuticals All
  11. MC/11/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Laboratory Reagents, Apparatus and Equipment. All
  12. MC/12/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Veterinary Drugs. All
  13. MC/13/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Hospital Equipment (X-Ray and Dental Materials). All
  14. MC/14/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of ICT Equipment and Accessories. All
  15. MC/15/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals. All
  16. MC/16/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Disaster response items and Environmental Management Tools & Equipment All
  17. MC/17/2018-20 Supply & Delivery Of Instrumentation & Calibration Equipment All


  1. MC/17/2018-20 Provision of Maintenance & Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Generators. All
  2. MC/18/2018-20 Provision of Courier Services. All
  3. MC/19/2018-20 Provision of General Civil Works.(Building & Construction, Road and Water Works). All
  4. MC/20/2018-20 Provision of Electrical Works. All
  5. MC/21/2018-20 Provision of Transport Hire & Towing Services. All
  6. MC/22/2018-20 Provision of Air Ticketing Services. All
  7. MC/23/2018-20 Provision of Exhaustion Services. All
  8. MC/24/2018-20 Provision of Legal Services. All
  9. MC/25/2018-20 Provision of Property, Asset & Land Evaluation Services. All
  10. MC/26/2018-20 Provision of Hotel, Accommodation and Conference Services. All
  11. MC/27/2018-20 Provision of Public Research, Advertising Agency and Media Management Services. All
  12. MC/28/2018-20 Provision of Events Organization & Outside Catering Services. All
  13. MC/29/2018-20 Provision of Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Services. All
  14. MC/30/2018-20 Provision of Earth Moving and Material Handling Equipment Hire Services. All
  15. MC/31/2018-20 Provision of Fuel, Oil, Lubricants and Allied Services. All
  16. MC/32/2018-20 Provision of Maintenance For ICT Equipment. All
  17. MC/33/2018-20 Provision of Car Hire and Allied Services All
  18. MC/34/2018-20 Maintenance of Instrumentation & Calibration Equipment All


  1. MC/34/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Staff Uniforms and Personal Protective Clothing. Youth, Women & PWDs
  2. MC/35/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Sports Uniforms and Equipment. Youth, Women & PWDs
  3. MC/36/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture, Fittings and Interior Requirements. Youth, Women & PWDs
  4. MC/37/2018-20 Supply & Delivery of Office Cleaning Materials and Sanitation. Youth, Women& PWDs
  5. MC/38/2018-20 Provision of Town Hygiene, Sanitary, Garbage Collection & Allied Services. Youth, Women & PWDs
  6. MC/39/2018-20 Provision of Printing Works for County Documents. Youth, Women & PWDs
  7. MC/40/2018-20 Provision of Fumigation & Pest Control Services. Youth, Women & PWDs
  8. MC/41/2018-20 Provision of Maintenance For Office Furniture and Fitting Services Youth, Women & PWDs
  9. MC/42/2018-20 Provision of Small Works, Minor Repairs and Renovations. Youth, Women & PWDs

Interested and Eligible bidders can download Tender Documents from our website www.migori.go.ke or can obtain the documents in the form of CD. during working hours between 8.00am – 5.00pm from Monday to Friday or via procurement.migoricounty@gmail.com

Women & PWDs shall be a legal entity that is registered with the relevant Government bodies.

Applications for prequalification must be submitted in enclosed, plain sealed envelopes marked with the Tender Name, Reference Number and addressed to;



P.O. BOX 195 – 40400,


The sealed envelopes should be deposited in the tender box located at the entrance of Supply Chain Management offices so as to be received not later than Thursday 7th June, 2018 at 10.00am.

The Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to witness the opening.

We are also committed to continuous registration of suppliers in compliance with PPADA, 2015.


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