Migori County Government Tenders 2018

Migori County Government Tenders 2018

Migori county government invites sealed tenders from interested and eligible bidders prequalified with Migori County Government in the relevant category in the FY 2017-2018 with both technical and financial capacity to bid for the under listed tenders.

  1. MC/194/2017-18 Purchase, Supply & Installation of KLPC Transformers in Migori County
  2. MC/195/2017-18 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Materials
  3. MC/196/2017-18 Supply, Erection & Installation of Floodlights in various centers in Migori County
  4. MC/197/2017-18 Supply, Erection & Commissioning of LED Solar Based Street Lights in Various Locations in Migori County
  5. MC/198/2017-18 Installation of Power to Health Facilities
  6. MC/199/2017-18 Supply and delivery of Cleaning Materials
  7. MC/200/2017-18 Supply and Delivery of Chemical for all Army Worm
  8. MC/201/2017-18 Supply & Delivery of Motor Vehicle Tyres
  9. MC/202/2017-18 Supply & Delivery of ICT Office Equipment

Interested eligible bidders may view and obtain the tender documents at a Non-Refundable fee of Kshs .1000/= in form of cash. Duly completed applications enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with TENDER NAME and NUMBER and addressed to;



P.O. BOX 195 – 40400,


And deposited in the Tender Box located at the entrance of Supply Chain Management Office so as to be received not later than Friday 30th March,2018 at 10.00am Tenders shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend.

Late bids will be rejected.

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