Kilifi-Mariakani Water & Sewerage Company Tenders 2018

Kilifi-Mariakani Water & Sewerage Company Tenders 2018



Kilifi Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company Limited, is one of the water service providers in the coast region and a wholly owned subsidiary of the County Government of Kilifi licensed by Coast Water Services Board (CWSB) to offer water supply and sewerage services in Rabai, Kaloleni, Ganze, Kilifi South and Part of Kilifi North Sub-counties under a Service Provision Agreement (SPA), now invites eligible and qualified candidates for registration of suppliers for Supply/ provision of goods and services for financial year 2018/2019.


  • KMWSC/REG/1A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of office stationery, printed accountable documents and general printing-Women, Youth & Persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/2A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of G.I, UPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/3A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Electrical items Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/4A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Computers & Accessories, Office telephones and telecommunication equipments.- Women, Youth & persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/5A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Building and hardware material -Women, Youth & persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/6A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Cold water meters & fittings. Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/7A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of fuel and lubricants Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/8A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Water pumps, motors and generators-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/9A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Staff Uniforms, protective clothing & Staff boots.-Women, Youth & persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/10A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of motor vehicle tyres, tubes,batteries Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/11A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Office furniture & furnishings -Women, Youth & Persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/12A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Spare parts for motor Vehicles & motor cycles -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/13A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of laboratory chemicals, reagents, laboratory equipment and water treatment chemicals-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/14A/2018-2019 Supply and delivery of Air conditioners & accessories and installation-Open to all bidders


  • KMWSC/REG/1B/2018-2019 Provision of General Insurance Services Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/2B/2018-2019 Provision of hotel, accommodation, Conference services & catering services-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/3B/2018-2019 Repair and Servicing of Water pumps, motors, generators and other electrical equipment-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/4B/2018-2019 Provision of Consultancy Services Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/5B/2018-2019 Provision for Building & Construction services, maintenance, renovations & repairs-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/6B/2018-2019 Maintenance and Servicing of Computers, Photocopiers and other Office Machines-Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/7B/2018-2019 Provision of Transport and Taxi Services -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/8B/2018-2019 Maintenance and Servicing of Air Conditioners -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/9B/2018-2019 Provision of Air ticketing Services -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/10B/2018-2019 Provision of legal and Company Secretarial Services -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/11B/2018-2019 Provision of Asset valuation services -Open to all bidders
  • KMWSC/REG/12B/2018-2019 Provision of office cleaning and fumigation- Women, Youth & Persons with disabilities
  • KMWSC/REG/13B/2018-2019 Provision for Asset Coding -Open to all bidders

A complete set of registration documents can be obtained from the procurement office during normal office working hours for free of charge. Bidders may download for free registration documents from the Company website;  or IFMIS tender portal http:/ . Bidders who choose to download the documents MUST register with the procurement Office or notify us using the email giving the following details; Name of tender, Name of the firm, address, telephone number(s) and email before the closing date. Completed registration documents shall be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes bearing no indication of the tenderer but clearly marked with the category number and description should be addressed to ;

The Managing Director,

Kilifi Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company ltd,

P.O.BOX 275-80108,


The sealed registration documents should be sent through the above address or be deposited in the Tender box situated outside Revenue office so as to reach on or before 8th May, 2018 not later than 11.00am.Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at the Company’s Boardroom in the presence of interested tenderers or their representatives who chose to attend. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in part or whole and is not bound to give reasons for its decisions.

KILIFI-MARIAKANI WATER AND SEWERAGE COMPANY LTD (KIMAWASCO) “ P.O.BOX 275-80108, KILIFI Tel: 7-522508 / 522507 Direct Lines: 522506/Tel/fax: 522507 | Email :


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