Kiambu County Government Tenders & Prequalification

Kiambu County Government Tenders & Prequalification

Procuring Entity: Kiambu County Government

Tenders Available Summary:

  • Supply and Delivery Of Cleaning Materials
  • Prequalification For Provision Of Legal Services
  • Prequalification For Kitchenware
  • Prequalification For supply, Installation and Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Supply and Delivery Of Stationery and Computer Accessories
  • Prequalification For Provision and Servicing Of Furniture and Fittings
  • Prequalification For The Supply and Delivery Of Fuels, Oils and Lubricants
  • Supply and Delivery Of Plumbing, Electrical and Hardware Materials
  • Prequalification For The Servicing Of Motor Vehicles and Motor Bikes
  • Prequalification For The Supply, Delivery and Servicing Of Generators and Equipment

Closing Date: 19th February 2018

Kiambu County Government Tenders & PrequalificationKiambu County Government Tenders & Prequalification

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