Kericho Teachers College Tenders 2018

Kericho Teachers College Tenders 2018

Tenders are invited for the Supply and delivery of items and services under listed to Kericho Teachers College for the financial year 2018-2019.

30% of the Tenders shall be reserved for Youths, women and Persons with Living Disabilities. (PLWD)

  1. Tender No. KTTC /1/2018 -Supply of Food Stuff: SUGAR/RICE/COOKING FAT etc (Open)
  2. Tender No. KTTC/ 2/2018-Supply of Dry Maize (Open)
  3. Tender No. KTTC/ 3/2018 -Supply of Dry Beans. (Women/Youth/PLWD)
  4. Tender No. KTTC/ 4/2018 -Supply of Beef ( Open)
  5. Tender No. KTTC/ 5/2018-Supply of Vegetables (Women/Youth/PLWD)
  6. Tender No. KTTC/ 6/2018 – Supply of Fresh Milk (Women/Youth/ PLWD)
  7. Tender No. KTTC/ 7/2018 -Supply of Bread (Open)
  8. Tender No. KTTC/ 9/2018 -Supply of General Office Stationery and Text books (Open)
  9. Tender No. KTTC/ 10/2018 -Maintenance/Servicing of Office machines (Open)
  10. Tender No. KTTC/11/2018 -Provision of printing Services (Open)
  11. Tender No. KTTC/12/2018 -Supply of Clinic Drugs/Medicine (Open)
  12. Tender No. KTTC/13/2018- Supply of Veterinary Services, Drugs, animal feeds & Farm Inputs (Open)
  13. Tender No. KTTC/14/2018- Supply of cleaning materials /Detergents/Disinfectants (Open)
  14. Tender No. KTTC/15/2018-Supply of Petrol, Oils and Lubricants (Open)
  15. Tender No. KTTC/16/2018-Repairs and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles (Open)
  16. Tender No. KTTC/17/2018-Supply of Motor Vehicles spare parts (Open)
  17. Tender No. KTTC/18/2018 -Supply of Uniforms for Staff and Students (Open)
  18. Tender No. KTTC/19/2018 -Supply of Hardware Materials. (Open)
  19. Tender No. KTTC/20/2018 -Supply of Electrical Materials (Open)
  20. Tender No. KTTC/21/2018-Supply of newspapers and periodicals. (Open)
  21. Tender No. KTTC/22/2018–Supply of games equipment and uniforms. (Open)
  22. Tender NO.KTTC/23/2018- Supply of motor vehicle insurance services. (Open)
  23. Tender NO. KTTC 24/2018- Supply of fire extinguishers’ and maintenance (Open)
  24. Tender NO. KTTC 25/2018- Supply of office machines, Computer wares and accessories (Open)
  25. Tender NO. KTTC 26/2018- Supply of Provision of General repair service and renovation services (Open)
  26. Tender No: KTTC 27 /2018-Supply of Fresh fruits ,Eggs and Groceries (Women/youth/PLWD)
  27. Tender No: KTTC 28/2018- Provision of sanitary services and fumigation (Open )

Tender documents can be obtained from Procurement office during working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Ksh. 1,000/= (One Thousands shillings only) per set, payable to account No. 1107170168, KCB, Kericho Branch. Closing date is 15th June 2018 at noon and tender opening will be on the same date in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.

Send your applications to:

The Chairman, Adhoc Tender Committee

Kericho Teachers’ Training College

  1. O. Box 10, Tel. 052- 20067/0721457785.




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