Kenyatta National Hospital Tenders Addendum

Kenyatta National Hospital Tenders Addendum

Kenyatta National Hospital wishes to inform all bidders who participated in, or are interested in participating in the tenders below that the closing dates have been extended as indicated below. Respective addenda can be downloaded from our website ( ) or at Public Procurement Information Portal ( )

  1. KNH/T/53/2018-2020 Supply and Delivery of Pharmaceuticals NEW CLOSING DATE:25/9/2018
  2. KNH/T/54/2018-2020 Supply and Delivery of Surgical Appliances and Dressings NEW CLOSING DATE:25/9/2018
  3. KNH/T/55/2018-2020 Supply and Delivery of Nutrition Supplements NEW CLOSING DATE: 25/9/2018
  4. KNH/T/56/2018-2020 Supply and Delivery of Radiology Items NEW CLOSING DATE:25/9/2018
  5. KNH/T/57/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Printed Medicine Packaging Materials NEW CLOSING DATE:25/9/2018
  6. KNH/T/58/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Radiopharmaceuticals NEW CLOSING DATE:26/9/2018
  7. KNH/T/59/2018-2019 Procurement of Works for Construction of Cancer Treatment Centre – Lot 2 Mechanical Works NEW CLOSING DATE:26/9/2018
  8. KNH/T/60/2018-2019 Procurement of Works for Rehabilitation of Theater Air Conditioning Systems NEW CLOSING DATE:26/9/2018
  9. KNH/T/61/2018-2019 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Boiler Burners NEW CLOSING DATE:26/9/2018
  10. KNH/T/62/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle Spare Parts NEW CLOSING DATE:26/9/2018

Please note that the closing dates have been extended as indicated above.

Completed tender documents must be returned as specified in the tender document and deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Kenyatta National Hospital Administration Block, Supply Chain Management Department Entrance at 10.00am and be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Kenyatta National Hospital

P.O Box 20723-00202



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