Kabarak University Tenders Supplier Prequalification & Disposal Notice

Kabarak University Tenders Supplier Prequalification & Disposal Notice

KABARAK UNIVERSITY invites applications from interested, eligible, capable individuals and firms for prequalification/Registration as suppliers and service providers for the year 2018-2020 in the following categories.



  • KABU/01/18-20 Supply and delivery of general office stationery.
  • KABU/02/18-20 Supply and delivery of toners and cartridges.
  • KABU/03/18-20 Supply and delivery of computers, printers, projectors & accessories.
  • KABU/04/18-20 Supply and delivery of hardware materials.
  • KABU/05/18-20 Supply and delivery of offi ce furniture, furnishings and fi ttings.
  • KABU/06/18-20 Supply and delivery of student furniture.
  • KABU/07/18-20 Supply and delivery of Teaching laboratory equipment, chemicals, glassware and reagents.
  • KABU/08/18-20 Supply and delivery of Hospital skills laboratory equipment, medical laboratory equipment and chemical, pharmaceutical equipment & chemical
  • KABU/09/18-20 Supply and delivery of pharmaceuticals (medicine).
  • KABU/10/18-20 Supply and delivery of electrical fittings and materials.
  • KABU/11/18-20 Supply and delivery of sports ware and equipment.
  • KABU/12/18-20 Supply and delivery of dry goods (Food stuffs).
  • KABU/13/18-20 Supply and delivery of vegetables, fruits, and cereals.
  • KABU/14/18-20 Supply and delivery of poultry & poultry products.
  • KABU/15/18-20 Supply and delivery of meats(Beef, mutton & Fish)
  • KABU/16/18-20 Supply and delivery of Sausages and smokies.
  • KABU/17/18-20 Supply and delivery of fertilizer& Farm chemicals.
  • KABU/18/18-20 Supply and delivery of farm implements.
  • KABU/19/18-20 Supply and delivery of seeds & seedlings.
  • KABU/20/18-20 Supply and delivery of firewood and charcoal.
  • KABU/21/18-20 Supply and delivery of cleaning materials & laundry detergents.
  • KABU/22/18-20 Supply and fitting of motor vehicles Tires, tubes, batteries and other accessories
  • KABU/23/18-20 Supply and maintenance of firefighting equipment.
  • KABU/24/18-20 Supply and delivery of Library Books, Journals, magazines and other E-publications.
  • KABU/25/18-20 Supply and delivery of bottled Mineral water, sodas and juices.
  • KABU/26/18-20 Supply and delivery of Kitchen equipment, cutlery & crockery
  • KABU/27/18-20 Supply and delivery of milk and milk products.
  • KABU/28/18-20 Supply and delivery of bakery products.
  • KABU/29/18-20 Supply and delivery of LPG gas.
  • KABU/30/18-20 Supply and delivery of Uniform and Linen.
  • KABU/31/18-20 Supply and delivery of Western and African Musical Instruments


  • KABU/32/18-20 Provision of courier and mailing services (Firms Registered by CCK)
  • KABU/33/18-20 Provision of motor vehicles repairs, Carwash, servicing and maintenance services
  • KABU/34/18-20 Provision of general printing services: exam booklets, staff and student ID cards, business cards etc.
  • KABU/35/18-20 Supply and Provision of design, artwork, advertising and branded promotional materials( student handbooks, staff handbooks, T-Shirts, Caps, Pens, certificate folders, brochures, fliers, calendars, Diaries, banners, Roll-up banners, mugs, key holders, umbrellas, Wall clocks, signage
  • KABU/36/18-20 Provision of photographic and video services.
  • KABU/37/18-20 Provision of refueling for all University vehicles.
  • KABU/38/18-20 Provision of Contracted Services for kitchen equipment repairs, electrical repairs, maintenance of Generators, cooling and refrigeration systems
  • KABU/39/18-20 Repair and maintenance of Computers, Laptops, Printers, LCD Projectors, Scanners, Ups, Servers and other related ICT equipment and hardware
  • KABU/40/18-20 Minor Maintenance works, plumbing, electrical works, partitioning and painting of buildings, offices and structures (Firms registered by NCA).
  • KABU/41/18-20 Provision of fumigation and pest control services.
  • KABU/42/18-20 Provision of office cleaning services, ground maintenance
  • KABU/43/18-20 provision of sanitary services
  • KABU/44/18-20 Provision of garbage collection and disposal
  • KABU/45/18-20 Provision of harvesting services for Maize, wheat, pasture e.t.c
  • KABU /46/18-20 Repair, maintenance and service of musical instruments
  • KABU/47/18-20 Provision of tents, chairs, portable washroom facilities during University events.
  • KABU/48/18-20 Provision of air ticketing services.


  • KABU/49/18-20 Disposal of Assets (RAV4 KAX 186V, Planter wheat, Plough 4plades, Harrow 24blades, Boom sprayer (600ltrs) and Silage Chopper

Documents may be obtained from the Procurement office or downloaded at Kabarak Website www.kabarak.ac.ke   upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,500 per prequalification document payable to Kabarak University, Transnational Bank Nakuru Branch, Acc. No. 0040503005.

Duly Completed documents in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with category number and bearing no indication of the applicant should be addressed to:





To be received on or before 11:00 am Thursday 29th March 2018.

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