Government Advertising Agency Suppliers Prequalification Notice

The Government of Kenya consolidated its advertising activities with the establishment of the Government Advertising Agency (GAA) in 2015 and required all Ministries, State Corporations, Universities and Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs) to conduct their advertising activities through GAA. In this regard, GAA invites qualified service providers to submit applications for Prequalification for the Financial Years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

  1. MOICT/SDBTG/001/2018-2019 Prequalification for print media services -OPEN
  2. MOICT/SDBTG/002/2018-2019 Prequalification for national television services -OPEN
  3. MOICT/SDBTG/003/2018-2019 Prequalification for television services (regional/niche market)-OPEN
  4. MOICT/SDBTG/004/2018-2019 Prequalification for national radio services- OPEN
  5. MOICT/SDBTG/005/2018-2019 Prequalification for radio services (regional/niche market) -OPEN
  6. MOICT/SDBTG/006/2018-2019 Prequalification for online digital platform services -OPEN
  7. MOICT/SDBTG/007/2018-2019 Prequalification for outdoor advertising services -OPEN
  8. MOICT/SDBTG/008/2018-2019 Prequalification for media monitoring services- OPEN
  9. MOICT/SDBTG/009/2018-2019 Prequalification for journal/ magazine/ in-house publication-OPEN
  10. MOICT/SDBTG/010/2018-2019 Prequalification for advertising creative and production services-OPEN
  11. MOICT/SDBTG/011/2018-2019 Prequalification for provision of Public Relations services -OPEN
  12. MOICT/SDBTG/012/2018-2019 Prequalification for provision of events management services-OPEN
  13. MOICT/SDBTG/013/2018-2019 Prequalification for provision of provision of roadshow services-OPEN
  14. MOICT/SDBTG/014/2018-2019 Prequalification for provision of digital advertising services -OPEN
  15. MOICT/SDBTG/015/2018-2019 Prequalification for provision of opinion polling services –OPEN

Interested applicants may obtain further information and inspect the Prequalification documents from the Supply Chain Management Services Office, Teleposta Towers, 11th floor – Nairobi, during normal working hours.

Interested applicants are requested to DOWNLOAD the Prequalification documents from the Ministry’s website  and forward their particulars for records and for the purpose of receiving any further Prequalification clarifications and /or addendums to

The bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes clearly labeled with the tender number, tender name and addressed to: The Principal Secretary, State Department of Broadcasting and

Telecommunications, P.O. BOX 30025-00100 NAIROBI, and deposited in the tender box located on the 11th floor at Teleposta Towers, so as to be received on or before the closing date and time as indicated below.

Bulky or large bid documents which cannot go through the slot of the tender box must be delivered to the office of Head Supply Chain Management, Teleposta Towers, 11th floor, Nairobi.

To be received on or before 28th December, 2018 at 11.00 a.m

The Prequalification documents will be opened immediately in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend in the Boardroom at Teleposta Towers.




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