Anti-Doping Agency Of Kenya Tenders & Prequalification

Anti-Doping Agency Of Kenya Tenders & Prequalification


The Anti-doping agency of Kenya (ADAK) invites applications for Annual Tenders and Pre-Qualifications and from interested and eligible bidders for provision of goods and services the for the financial year 2018/2019. As below.

  • ADAK/PQ/01/2018-2019 Supply, Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Appliances and Fittings.
  • ADAK/PQ/02/2018-2019 Provision of Local and International Air Travel and Related Service (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/PQ/03/2018-2019 Printing and Supply of Promotional Branding Materials. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/PQ/04/2018-2019. Supply of Motor Vehicle Tyres, Tubes and Batteries. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/PQ/5/2018-2019 Supply and Installation of Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • ADAK/PQ/06/2018-2019 Supply of Computer Hardware, Software, Printers, Servers and Associated Accessories. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/PQ/07/2018-2019 Provision of Transport Services and Car Hire of Services.
  • ADAK/PQ/08/2018-2019 Provision of Legal Services.
  • ADAK/PQ/19/2018-2019 Supply of Computer Stationery & Computer Related Consumables.
  • ADAK/PQ/10/2018-2019 Provision of Consultancy Services (Including Team Building, Research and Development and Employee &Customers Satisfaction Surveys)
  • ADAK/PQ/11/2018-2019 Supply and Maintenance of Office Furniture, Office Equipment, Furnishings & Fittings.
  • ADAK/PQ/12/2018-2019 Supply of Office Stationery and Related Consumables. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)


  • ADAK/T/01/2018-2019 Provision of Internet Connectivity
  • ADAK/T/02/2018-2019 Tender for Supply of Fuel and Lubricants
  • ADAK/T/03/2018-2019 Supply Delivery of Calling Cards. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/T/04/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers magazines And Periodicals (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/T/05/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Milk and Drinking Mineral Water. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/T/06/2018-2019 Tender for Cleaning Services. (Reserved for Youth, Women and PWD)
  • ADAK/T/07/2018-2019 Repair & Maintenance of Switchboard, Telephone Heads and Telecommunication Equipment
  • ADAK/T/08/2018-2019 Provision of Mail Services, Local and International Courier Services
  • ADAK/T/09/2018-2019 Provision of General Insurance Services-Underwriters

Eligible candidates may obtain the Tender and prequalification documents from ADAK’s website  or from the IFMIS website (free of charge). Bidders who will download the tender documents must forward their company details to; in order to facilitate subsequent clarifications and/or addendum.

The particulars should include Name of the Firm,

The Tender documents may also be obtained in hard copies from ADAK Headquarters Procurement Section upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 1,000/= (For tenders only) in Bankers Cheque or CASH Deposits payable to ADAK Account name: Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya, Bank: KCB, Branch: Sarit, Account number: 1200775058 and submit the deposit slip, at the cash office on 2nd Floor. ADAK Headquarters. Kindly note that cash will not be accepted. At the time of submitting the completed bid documents such Tenderers shall be required to enclose a copy of the receipt of payment.

Complete Tender documents in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked with the TENDER NUMBER should be addressed to:-

Chief executive officer.

P.O. Box 66458-00800 NAIROBI

Parklands plaza, 6th Floor Muthithi Road/Chiromo Lane Junction

And be deposited in the tender box provided at Parklands plaza, 2nd Floor, Right Wing Muthithi Road/Chiromo Lane Junction. Nairobi, so as to be received on or before ……………………………………..

Tender documents shall be opened immediately thereafter at ADAK headquarters.

Tenderers or their representatives are welcome to attend.