2018 South Mugirango Constituency Tenders Supplier Prequalification

2018 South Mugirango Constituency Tenders Supplier Prequalification



Tenders are invited from registered and competent contractors and suppliers for the supply and delivery of goods, works and services to National Government Constituency Development Fund South Mugirango and projects funded by the fund. ‘’AS AND WHEN REQUIRED’’ for the financial years ending 30th June, 2019.

  1. NG-CDF/SM/01/2017-19 Supply & delivery of staff uniforms and personal protective clothing Youth, Women and PLWD
  2. NG-CDF/SM/02/2017-19 Supple y and delivery of sports uniforms and equipment Youth, Women and PLWD
  3. NG-CDF/SM/03/2017-19 Supply & delivery of office furniture, fittings and interior requirements Youth, Women and PLWD
  4. NG-CDF/SM/04/2017-19 Supply & delivery of office cleaning materials and sanitation Youth, Women and PLWD
  5. NG-CDF/SM/05/2017-19 Provision of office hygiene, sanitary, garbage collection & allied services Youth, Women and PLWD
  6. NG-CDF/SM/06/2017-19 Provision of printing works and stationeries for committee Youth, Women and PLWD
  7. NG-CDF/SM/07/2017-19 Provision of fumigation and pest control Youth, Women and PLWD
  8. NG-CDF/SM/08/2017-19 Provision of maintenance for office furniture and fitting services Youth, Women and PLWD
  9. NG-CDF/SM/09/2017-19 Provisions of small works, minor repairs and renovations Youth, Women and PLWD
  10. NG-CDF/SM/10/2017-19 Repair and servicing of office machines, equipment and computers Open
  11. NG-CDF/SM/11/2017-19 Repair and servicing of motor vehicles, motor cycles, plants and Equipment Open
  12. NG-CDF/SM/12/2017-19 Supply of petrol, diesel, oil and lubricant
  13. NG-CDF/SM/13/2017-19 Supply and delivery of building and hardware material Open
  14. NG-CDF/SM/14/2017-19 Supply and delivery of electrical appliances and fittings Open
  15. NG-CDF/SM/15/2017-19 Supply and delivery of tyres and tubes Open
  16. NG-CDF/SM/16/2017-19 Provision of consultancies, training and special services Open
  17. NG-CDF/SM/17/2017-19 Provision of catering, local accommodation and hospitality services Open
  18. NG-CDF/SM/18/2017-19 Provision of taxi hire and allied services Open
  19. NG-CDF/SM/19/2017-19 Prequalification of building contractors Open


  1. Attach a copy of business registration certificate
  2. Attach copy of PIN and VAT certificates (a MUST)
  3. Attach copy of valid tax compliance certificates (a MUST)
  4. Interested special groups (women, youths & people living with disabilities must attach AGPO/YAGPO certificates

Interested eligible contractors and suppliers can obtain further information and prequalification documents at South Mugirango NG-CDF Offices, Gucha South Nyamarambe at the DCC’s compound during normal working hours 8:00 to 5:00pm on Monday to Friday. After payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs.1000 (One Thousand Shillings Only) inform of a bankers cheque drawn in favor of South Mugirango National Government Constituency Development Fund.

However special groups who present AGPO certificates will be issued with prequalification documents for free. Dully filed prequalification documents must be returned to NG-CDF office tender box in plain sealed envelope with the item number indicated on the top left hand corner addressed to the Fund Manager, South Mugirango NG-CDF, P.O Box 991-402000, Kisii. So as to be received not later than Tuesday 8th May, 2018 at 10.00 a.m. At which time the documents will be publicly opened at the conference room in the presence of bidders who choose to attend.

NOTE: Late documents shall not be accepted & will be returned unopened.


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